20th Anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 1325

Women, Peace, and Security at 20: Progress, Gaps, and Opportunities

Twenty years ago, the United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security, aimed at addressing the situation of women in conflict. Despite ten resolutions as part of what has come to be known as the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda, we still live in a world with war and violence, where women are disproportionately impacted. 

The lack of political will to holistically implement the WPS agenda as well as the staggering pushback against women's rights at a global scale clearly demonstrate that the impending anniversary of the WPS agenda must not be a cause for celebration, but a call to action that addresses the gendered impact of conflict, reaffirms the rights of all women and girls, and urgently propels much-needed action towards conflict prevention, disarmament, and demilitarization. 

In preparation for the upcoming anniversary of 1325, WILPF has prepared a series of initiatives to amplify women's voices on the progress and gaps of WPS implementation and to reclaim the radical potential of the WPS agenda for feminist peace. 


WILPF Report on WPS at 20

WILPF will be publishing a landmark global report for the 20th anniversary of UNSCR 1325, which will assess the priorities and commitments on WPS implementation by states, and reflect on the state of accountability for the overall agenda. The report is grounded in research and consultation with partner organisations and WILPF National Sections and Groups. 

The report will be launched at a virtual event in mid-October. Stay tuned for further details!



WILPF convened a three-day online consultation, conducted through Platform4Dialogue, to hear from WILPF members, partners, peacebuilders, and other relevant WPS practitioners on their assessment of the WPS agenda implementation.  The online consultation took place over the course of three days, from September 15-17, 2020. 


Video Campaign

For the 20th anniversary of UNSCR 1325, WILPF is creating a video that highlights the perspectives of WILPF members and partners from around the world on peace and security. 

WPS allies, whether from government or United Nations, have made countless commitments and other promises to the implementation and financing of the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda, and they must put their words into action! This begins with ending wars, respecting human rights, and moving the money to the uplifting of human life rather than its destruction.

We want to send a message loud and clear to power-holders at national, regional, and global levels that they must keep their promises to the WPS agenda, and to overall human rights and sustainable peace.

Download our new WILPF Studio app and tell us what YOU think!

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WPS Survey - We Want to Hear from You! 

Leading up to the anniversary of UNSCR 1325, WILPF would like to hear from its members, sections, and partners about their thoughts on progress and gaps in WPS implementation. 

Please take a moment to fill out our brief, four-question survey to share your thoughts and contribute to our collective effort to amplify women's voices on the implementation of the WPS agenda. 

You may access the survey through this link, available in English, French, and Spanish. 

The survey will remain open until September 28.


National Action Plan Monitoring Expansion

One key aspect of implementation in the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda is national-level implementation through 1325 National Action Plans (NAPs). The WILPF WPS Programme monitors the development and adoption of NAPs on its website, and many WILPF sections are involved in national-level advocacy around NAPs.

In the lead-up to the 20th anniversary of UNSCR1325, WILPF’s WPS Programme will expand its NAP monitoring through the launch of a new website, to support monitoring on the implementation of 1325 NAPs and related national-level commitments to the WPS agenda.