Monthly Advocacy

PeaceWomen engages with members of the Security Council on an ongoing basis to ensure the full disemination and implementation of the Women Peace and Security Agenda. We utilise advocacy tools and actions ranging from trainings and meetings, to policy briefs and letters, among others.

PeaceWomen partners in advocacy efforts with members of the NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security (NGOWG). Through this coalition, we come together with 13 other NGOs offering a diverse range of expertise and perspectives to advocate for the Women, Peace and Security agenda.

The NGOWG produces Monthly Action Points (MAP) with recommendations for agenda items to be discussed in the upcoming month by the Council.

We also produce the annual Monthly Action Points (MAP) Report of the NGO Working Group of Women, Peace and Security (NGOWG). The NGOWG’s MAP report tracks gaps and challenges in the implementation of Women, Peace and Security Resolutions through the provision of information from conflict-affected countries, to direct the Security Council on available action steps. Through monitoring, research and analysis, the MAP provides expert guidance and recommendations to Security Council members and UN actors on how to better implement WPS commitments.

Security Council Agenda Geographic Topic

The Security Council focuses its meetings pertaining to the maintenance of international peace and security on geographic regions dealing with ongoing crises or conflicts. While certain geographic regions or countries have mandated peacekeeping missions subject to periodic review by the Council, other regions discussed are defined as emerging conflicts. We monitor reports and resolutions issued for these geographic topics for Women, Peace and Security concerns and gender statistics. 

Security Council Agenda Thematic Topic

The Security Council also focuses its meetings pertaining to the maintenance of international peace and security on various thematic topics. One of these topics is Women Peace and Security, we monitor all of the various themes discussed in the Council’s open debates for the Women, Peace and Security Agenda. Although these topics have continued to evolve over the course of the Council’s work, some topics are consistently discussed every year. Debate Watch monitors many of these thematic topics and posts analyses under individual debate pages organised by these topics. Information on these pages includes text from the NGO Working Group.  

PeaceWomen Themes

PeaceWomen Themes can be used to search data on Who Implements: Security Council by theme. PeaceWomen has developed 13 main themes as a framework to organise our Women, Peace and Security resources for ease of reference and understanding. The themes should not be seen as fixed as they are interlinked and overlap but provide a useful analysis framework.