The PeaceWomen Project Security Council Monitor includes three interlinked tools - Resolution Watch, Report Watch and Debate Watch. Since 2006, PeaceWomen has analyzed all of the Security Council resolutions, debates, and reports through a Women, Peace and Security lens. Such monitoring allows for critical information to promptly be made available for advocates and researchers to use.  


Resolution Watch

For January 2015, the Security Council will discuss several regions that are currently monitored by PeaceWomen. We anticipate that a resolution will be adopted on Cyprus.

On October 18th 2013, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a new resolution on women, peace and security (S/RES/2122) which is the seventh resolution under the Women, Peace and Security agenda.

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Latest Open Debates on Women, Peace and Security

PeaceWomen Programme Women, Peace and Security Handbook: Second Edition

For the 12th annual open debate on women, peace and security, PeaceWomen launched the second edition of ‘Women, Peace and Security Handbook,’ which examines the degree to which the Security Council has internalised the thematic agenda of Women, peace and security in its geographic work over the past 12 years, specifically in the Council’s country-specific resolutions.

Divided into twelve thematic chapters, the handbook is a reference guide for both progress made and action to be taken on the Women, Peace and Security agenda. The analysis assesses the consistency with which Council resolutions reflect the language and intent of SCR 1325. Good practice extracts from resolutions are presented and critical recommendations are made. This Handbook, like the 10th anniversary itself, is a call to action and a sincere effort to enhance the implementation of the Women, peace and security agenda. The recommendations call for the incorporation of more comprehensive language on women and gender in future country-specific resolutions.



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