The PeaceWomen Translation Initiative was established to tackle language barriers and to increase awareness of the United Nation’s founding resolution on women, peace and security around the world, Security Council Resolution 1325 (SCR1325), and the follow-up resolutions. This initiative aims to promote local ownership and women’s participation in conflict prevention and peace-building. is the only website to house all existing – over 100 – translations of SCR 1325.

About: UN Security Council Resolutions on Women, Peace & Security

UN Security Council Resolutions on Women, Peace & Security

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1325 (2000)

100 + translations. Open Call for more! is the only website with all existing translations of SCR 1325. Click here for 1325 translations.

For more information on 1325, click here.

1820 (2008)

20 + translations to date. Open Call for more! Click here for 1820 translations.

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1888 (2009)

For more information on 1888 and to view existing translations, click here.

1889 (2009)

For more information on 1889 and to view existing translations, click here.

1960 (2010)

For more information on 1960 and to view existing translations, click here.

2106 (2013) For more information on 2106 and to view existing translations, click here
2122 (2013) For more information on 2122 and to view existing translations, click here

Action: Call for Translation of SCR 1325 & SCR 1820

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PeaceWomen partners have translated SCR 1325 into over 100 different languages!

Please check whether your language has been translated into 1325 and 1820.

If your language has not been translated, make it happen and help this initiative.
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If your language has been translated, we are now accepting translations for resolutions 1888, 1889, 1960 and 2106.

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About: PeaceWomen Translation Project

Implementation of SCR1325 and SCR1820 can only move forward if translations exist and are widely disseminated making the resolution accessible and relevant to local communities. PeaceWomen believes in the local ownership of the women, peace and security agenda and an important part of this ownership is language.

PeaceWomen had successfully compiled over 100 translations of SCR 1325. The important purpose of the translations initiative has been to spark interest in the women peace and security agenda among untapped audiences, which leads to useful in-country contacts and opportunities for collaboration. We also hope that the translations of 1325 provide impetus for supporting material to be translated.

Security Council Resolution 1325
The PeaceWomen Project has been compiling existing translations, and advocating for new translations of SCR 1325 since February 2003. Through the efforts of partner civil society organizations, the UN system, governments, and dedicated individuals, the number of available translations of SCR 1325 is currently over 100.

This was the first resolution on Women, Peace and Security adopted by United Nations Security Council on 31 October 2000. This was the first time the Security Council addressed the disproportionate and unique impact of armed conflict on women; recognized the under-valued and under-utilized contributions women make to conflict prevention, peacekeeping, conflict resolution and peace-building. It also stressed the importance of women’s equal and full participation as active agents in peace and security. (For more information on SCR 1325, please click here).

Security Council Resolution 1820
The second phase of the PeaceWomen Translation Initiative is focusing on SCR1820. PeaceWomen is currently seeking partners to help translate SCR 1820.

In 2008, the UN Security Council adopted the second resolution, Resolution 1820 (SCR 1820), on sexual violence as a weapon of war. This resolution recognizes the relationship between widespread and/or systemic use of sexual violence as an instrument of conflict. It calls for the Security Council to take the necessary steps to end such crimes and to punish the perpetrators of them. (For more information on SCR 1325, please click here).

Other Women, Peace and Security Resolutions

  • 1888 – Calls for the appointment of the Special Representative on sexual violence in conflict, as well as the establishment of Women Protection Advisors (WPAs) within peacekeeping missions, in addition to a Team of Experts, meant to rapidly deploy to situations of sexual violence. (For more information on SCR 1888, please click here).
  • 1889 – Focuses on post-conflict peacebuilding, and in particular calls for the development of indicators to measure the implementation of SCR 1325 both within the UN system, and by Member States. (For more information on SCR 1889, please click here).
  • 1960 – Deals with sexual violence during armed conflict which remains systematic, rampant, and widespread. This resolution  mandates the creation of institutional tools to combat impunity and outlines specific steps needed for both the prevention of and protection from sexual violence in conflict. (For more information on SCR 1960, please click here).
  • 2106 - Focuses on pushing further on operationalizing current obligations and supports recourse to avenues of justice.
  • 2122 - Focuses on increasing women’s participation in conflict prevention and all areas of peace processes.