ERITREA: Women Training Center in Keren Under Construction

Thursday, August 19, 2010
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A women training center is under construction in Keren at a cost of over 20 million Nakfa as part of the concerted endeavors being made to promote women's capacity in all domains.

The head of the NUEW branch in Anseba region, Ms. Alem Belai, indicated that the construction of the modern building is aimed at providing training to women in the region to become self-supporting.

Likewise, the head of the project from the Debwin Construction Company, Eng. Gezai Negasi, said that the construction of the one-storey building, which comprises 17 rooms, is well in progress.

The members of the NUEW branch in the UK, who sponsored the training center, expressed conviction that the center would make due contribution in promoting the country's potentials.

Ms. Alem further commended the initiative taken by the concerned citizens and urged them to further enhance their contribution.