National-Level Implementation

We have a new National Action Plan monitoring database. Visit it here.

For the 20th anniversary of UNSCR 1325 and the 15th anniversary of the first National Action Plan (NAP), WILPF has created a new mini-website to house our monitoring of NAPs and member state commitments to Women, Peace and Security.

This improved monitoring database has one page for each member state, and showcases work on national implementation to support greater accountability for the implementation of the WPS agenda. The monitoring and analysis on this new website will be continually expanded and added to over the coming year.

1325 NAPs have long been a key part of WILPF’s work on Women, Peace and Security, both in terms of monitoring and advocacy. In addition to maintaining our database of National Action Plans, for years, WILPF members and partners throughout the world have been actively engaged in advocacy for the development of 1325 NAPs, and have been participants in NAP planning, development, implementation, and monitoring. Advocacy by WILPF members has led to the development of 1325 NAPs in their countries and regions, and their critical analysis has shed light on the strengths, gaps, and missed opportunities in implementation.