Country / Region profile of: Argentina

In Argentina, women have a long history of peace activism, particularly during the Dirty War of the military dictatorship, when Argentine mothers and grandmothers had relentlessly brought attention to the crimes of the military regime and had demanded the safe return of all the disappeared. Though Argentine women have attained a great deal of progress for their human rights, including comparable levels of education as men, women face significant problems with respect to domestic violence and human trafficking. Argentina has not been involved in large-scale conflict or war in recent years. Argentina signed the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) in 1980 and ratified 1985. With regards to disarmament, Argentina voted for the adoption of the Arms Trade Treaty, signed on 3rd June 2013, and ratified the Treaty 25th September 2014. Argentina is currently ranked at number 34 of 144 on the Global Gender Gap Index (GGI) of 2017. The Government of Argentina launched its first National Action Plan (NAP) in September 2015 for a period of three years, with no allocated or estimated budget. Argentine women and civil society are still working to close the economic gender gap and ensure the safety of women. Throughout 2016 Argentine women undertook a widespread protest movement in response to increased cases of SGBV and femicide believed to be a backlash against their increased empowerment. 

"My hope is that Argentina becomes a human rights role model in the world as a result of our efforts. And I take a lot of inspiration from knowing that it was women — the mothers of the disappeared in their white scarves — who stepped forward and helped bring down the dictatorship." - President Cris


$ 5,680,700,000
Military expenditure
Argentina spends USD$ 5,680,700,000 on the military, including armed forces and peacekeeping forces, defence ministries, paramilitary forces, and military space activities.
Empowering Argentinian women
This amount could buy small business supplies for millions of poor Argentinian women.
NAP 1325
The Argentina NAP does not include an allocated or estimated budget and there are no other financial resource consideration references within the NAP.
WPS commitments
Argentina made no specific financial commitments on Women, Peace and Security in 2015.