Country / Region profile of: Belarus

During the years of social-economic transformation and the long-term crisis in Belarus, there has been a considerable decline in the professional and social status of women, and a sharp reduction of their actual participation in decision-making at all levels and in all spheres. Societal fragmentation, according to the BTI 2016 Country Report, remains within tolerable limits. Women make up almost 50% of the labor force, but are underrepresented in the top echelons of business and government and overrepresented in poorly paid occupations. In reality, women are debarred from the participation in designing strategies for the development of the society. Though not direct participants, Belarus is affected by the conflict between Russia and the Ukraine during 2014. Although there are no direct conflicts in Belarus, Belarusian women face discriminatory regulations that do not criminalize domestic violence. Belarus ratified the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) in 1981. Belarus neither signed nor ratified the Arms Trade Treaty. Belarus did not make a statement at the Open Debate on WPS in 2017. Belarus has not adopted a National Action Plan on the Implementation of Resolution 1325 (2000). Representatives of Belarusian women’s organisations have documented rising rates of domestic violence, where the incidence of sexual violence both at home and at work has risen substantially. 

“[In Belarus], women in power, such as lawyer Lydia Yermoshina, attribute their success to the tragedy of not having a strong man to take care of them, with the alternative being the chance to lead a comfortable life at home.” (Olga Karatch)


$ 631,100,000
Military expenditure
Belarus spends USD$ 631,100,000 on the military, including armed forces and peacekeeping forces, defence ministries, paramilitary forces, and military space activities.
Supporting equality at the UN
This amount could realise systematic and sustained resourcing and deployment of gender and WPS experts in missions and at UN Headquarters.
NAP 1325
Belarus does not have a National Action Plan for the Implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325.
WPS commitments