Country / Region profile of: Slovakia

The Republic of Slovakia has shown real commitment to gender equality since 1993, with national strategies and programmes in place to combat discrimination. Widening salary gaps between men and women, the absence of mechanisms to encourage female political participation and prevailing stereotypes of women that discriminate against their participation in the public sphere continue to hinder real progress in gender equality. Especially, it applies to Roma women. Slovakia does not have a recent history of conflict. Slovakia is ranked 94 out of 144 countries listed on the Global Gender Gap Index (GGI) for 2016 and succeeded to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) in 1993. Slovakia ratified the Arms Trade Reaty (ATT) on 2 April 2014. During the 2017 October Open Debate, Slovakia gave a statement affirming support for WPS and stated that Slovakia is currently in the process of drawing up its national action plan on women, peace and security and that the Government continues to promote all national efforts aimed at strengthening the role of women in society through the national gender equality strategy for the period 2014-2019 and the gender-equality action plan. In 2017, Slovakia spent $1.126 bln on its military. As of yet, Slovakia has not developed a the National Action Plan on the Implementation of Resolution 1325 (2000). Female activists in Slovakia continue to advocate for greater female representation in political affairs, against trafficking and to bring about long lasting gender equality.

"An authentic leader is in my view a person who makes his/her decision naturally as a free human being with the full responsibility and best intention to achieve his/her goal. In my opinion, these days are very challenging because thanks to social media many “leaders” pop up and quickly disappear." - Silvia Gavorníková


$ 1,126,000,000
Military expenditure
Slovakia spends USD$1,126,000,000 on the military, including armed forces and peacekeeping forces, defence ministries, paramilitary forces, and military space activities.
Supporting equality at the UN
This amount could help fund the systematic and sustained resourcing and deployment of gender and WPS experts in country missions and at UN Headquarters.
NAP 1325
Slovakia does not have a National Action Plan for the Implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325.
WPS commitments