Country / Region profile of: Vietnam

Viet Nam is on track to meet the gender Millennium Development Goals and there is almost equal participation of men and women in the workforce. However, issues such as violence against women and sex trafficking pose serious challenges. Despite laws and regulations devoted to the protection of women's rights in a number areas such as marriage and the workplace, as well as provisions that call for preferential treatment, women do not always receive equal treatment.

Viet Nam is ranked 69 out of the 144 countries listed in the 2017 Global Gender Gap Index (GGI). Viet Nam ratified the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) in 1982. Viet Nam has not signed the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). During the 2017 October Security Council Open Debate on WPS, Viet Nam made a statement affirming support for the WPS Agenda, but no specific commitment towards the implementation of UNSCR 1325 and the WPS Agenda holistically. In 2017, $5074 million USD was spent by Viet Nam on its military. The country has not developed a National Action Plan on the Implementation of Resolution 1325 (2000).

"We need to highlight role models and positive images of female leaders, and highlight women’s roles in non-traditional jobs such as business leaders, scientists, architects so that we can change perceptions on tasks that women can take on." - Shoko Ishikawa


$ 5,074,000,000
Military expenditure
Viet Nam spends USD$5,074,000,000 on the military but this information is uncertain.
Clean water for schools
This amount could strengthen girls health by building three million clean drinking water and hand-washing stations in schools
NAP 1325
Viet Nam does not have a National Action Plan for the Implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325.
WPS commitments
Viet Nam made a statement affirming support for the WPS Agenda, but no specific commitment made.