Concept Note for the Open Debate on the Cooperation between the UN and Regional and Subregional Organizations, 6 December 2018

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This concept note is for the 6 December 2018 Security Council open debate on the cooperation between the UN and regional and subregional organizations, under the topic of "the role of States, regional arrangements and the United Nations in the prevention and resolution of conflicts". Held during the Security Council Presidency of Cote D'Ivoire, this debate will focus on the following questions: 

  • How can cooperation between the United Nations, States and regional and subregional organizations in the prevention, management and resolution of conflicts be strengthened in practice? Which regional actors are likely to participate in new partnership agreements with the United Nations?
  • What concrete steps can be taken to improve the suitability of mandates, in particular those relating to the most exposed environments? Should a new framework be defined for offensive operations and, if so, what objectives, partners and resources should it include?
  • What progress should be sought with regard to the performance of peace operations, transparency and respect for human rights and humanitarian law?
  • How can financial engineering be used to generate the necessary sustainable public and private financing?
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