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“It’s important to be aware of what’s going on in the world and to think about how you can start to make a difference, even when you’re a kid.”

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  1. UNITED STATES: Is the U.S. Better on Gender-Based Violence Abroad than at Home?

    As they gather in Tampa for their 2012 Convention, Republican politicians and party operatives continue to be plagued

    Wednesday, August 29, 2012
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  2. COLOMBIA: Conviction for Conflict-Related Rape and Murders 'A Rare Victory'.

    A civilian court's conviction of a Colombian junior army officer for the murder and rape of a girl is a rare victory

    Tuesday, August 28, 2012
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  3. UNITED STATES: Are Human Rights Becoming a Tool of US

    Some nonpartisan commentators finally recognize that current US foreign policy continues to escalate militarily as th

    Monday, August 27, 2012
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  4. NICARAGUA: Pregnant Nicaraguan Girls Forced to Become Mothers

    Carla lost everything when she got pregnant at the age of 13: her first year of secondary school, her family, her boy

    Wednesday, August 22, 2012
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  5. USA: State Department Promotes Women as Global Peacemakers

    Better integrating women into global efforts to end conflict and promote peace is a critical objective of U.S.

    Thursday, August 16, 2012
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  6. USA: New U.S. Strategy to End Gender-Based Violence Globally

    In 2008, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon launched the UNiTE to End Violence against Women campaign, a mu

    Wednesday, August 15, 2012
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  8. USA: Progress Toward a World Without Violence Against Women and Girls

    Eqlima is a young girl from Afghanistan. She lived with an abusive father and stepmother who often beat her.

    Friday, August 10, 2012
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  9. USA: Clinton Encourages Girls, Women in Malawi Visit

    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met schoolgirls and Africa's second woman president during an unprecedented vis

    Monday, August 6, 2012
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  10. USA: Election of 65 Women into Senegal's 150-Member Parliament Excites Clinton

    On the first of her two-day visit to Senegal, US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton Wednesday hailed the incre

    Friday, August 3, 2012
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  11. COLOMBIA: Acid Attacks Reflect Rage

    Every glance at a mirror transports Consuelo Cordoba to the moment when her boyfriend doused her with a skin-searing

    Friday, August 3, 2012
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