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“It’s important to be aware of what’s going on in the world and to think about how you can start to make a difference, even when you’re a kid.”

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  1. NAMIBIA: Strengthening Women's Political Participation

    “We need more women leaders! When women lead side by side with men, it is good for equality and democracy.

    Friday, January 24, 2014
    Pre 2015 News Archive66 219
  2. NAMIBIA: Namibia's Women Remain on the Fringes of Mainstream Politics

    Windhoek - Namibia's political parties have paid a lot of lip service and demonstrated lack of commitment to mainstre

    Tuesday, June 12, 2012
    Pre 2015 News Archive65 125
  3. NAMIBIA: Numbers of Women in Government Declining

    Twenty years after independence, representation of women in senior government structures and in Parliament is declini

    Tuesday, December 28, 2010
    Pre 2015 News Archive62 888
  4. NAMIBIA: Women Making Inroads in NDF

    Good gender representation in the Namibian Defence Force (NDF) offers opportunity to women to empower themselves thro

    Monday, December 13, 2010
    Pre 2015 News Archive62 833
  5. NAMIBIA: Pohamba Unhappy With Women Representation

    President Hifikepunye Pohamba is disappointed with the under-representation of women on his party list for the upcomi

    Wednesday, November 10, 2010
    Pre 2015 News Archive62 575
  6. NAMIBIA: Pohamba Calls for Gender Equality

    President Hifikepunye Pohamba has called for a fair gender representation on the ruling Swapo Party's nomination list

    Tuesday, September 14, 2010
    Pre 2015 News Archive62 134
  7. SUDAN: Unamid Welcomes First Contingent of Female Police Officers From Namibia

    An advance team for the first ever all-female contingent of police officers to UNAMID arrived in Khartoum from Namibi

    Wednesday, March 17, 2010
    Pre 2015 News Archive60 805
  8. AFRICA: Achieving Fifty Percent Women in Decision Making by 2015

    Gender activists from East and Southern Africa have expressed shock at the backward trends in the 50/50 campaign in r

    Friday, December 18, 2009
    Pre 2015 News Archive60 672
  9. NAMIBIA: Group Decries Poor Women Representation in New Namibian National Assembly

    The Women's Action for Development (WAD) has expressed disappointment in the reduction of women in the new National A

    Friday, December 11, 2009
    Pre 2015 News Archive61 430
  10. NAMIBIA: 'Parties Totally Don't Care About Women's Rights'

    Gender activists foresee a drop in female parliamentarians after Namibia's general and presidential elections on Nove

    Thursday, November 26, 2009
    Pre 2015 News Archive60 512
  11. Namibian Women and Democracy: The 50/50 Campaign

    The Women's Environmental and Development Organisation is spearheading a local grassroots campaign to strengthen the

    Wednesday, December 31, 2003 - 19:00
    Initiatives72 276
  12. NAMIBIA: 'My Rights As a Woman'

    At a Week long workshop held last week in Windhoek, Women's Action for Development (WAD) brought stakeholders up to d

    Thursday, June 14, 2012 - 20:00
    Initiatives73 398