Monthly Advocacy

In the Council:

At the UN Security Council, WILPF is engaged in targeted advocacy on country and thematic issues to strengthen conflict prevention and implementation of the WPS Agenda, including through women’s meaningful participation.

Building on our strategic WPS monitoring, we identify political opportunities and work with our women peace activist global network to amplify local women’s gender conflict analysis and recommendations via direct regular recommendations to the UN Security Council, around the WPS Informal Expert Group, and other key stakeholders.

We focus on a number of key countries: Colombia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Yemen, Libya, among others.

We facilitate meetings of grassroots activists with high-level representatives and contribute our analysis at a variety of relevant meetings to strengthen opportunities for action.


WILPF partners in these advocacy efforts with the NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security (NGOWG) and its members. Through this coalition, we come together with 13 other NGOs offering a diverse range of expertise and perspectives to advocate for the Women, Peace and Security agenda.

The NGOWG produces Monthly Action Points (MAP) with recommendations for agenda items to be discussed in the upcoming month by the Council.

We also support the Annual Report of the NGO Working Group of Women, Peace and Security (NGOWG). The NGOWG’s Annual Report tracks gaps and challenges in the implementation of Women, Peace and Security resolutions through the provision of information from conflict-affected countries, to direct the Security Council on available action steps. Through monitoring, research and analysis, the MAP provides expert guidance, local conflict analysis and recommendations to Security Council members and UN actors on how to better implement WPS commitments.

Monthly Action Points  of the NGO Working Group can be found here.

Outside of the Council:

WILPF also advocates for an integrated approach across the UN system. We participate in and contribute to the July High Level Political Forum (HLPF) on gender, conflict and militarism, including through the Women’s Major Group. Across the UN System, we continue to advocate behind the scenes to prevent watering down or undermining of WPS commitments in an increasingly difficult political climate that too often takes one step forward and two steps back.