YEMEN: Thousands of Women Show Support for an End to Political Chaos in Yemen

Friday, April 22, 2011
Yemen Observer
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President Ali Abdullah Saleh has met with tens of thousands of women from different governorates who expressed support for constitutional legitimacy, security, stability and preservation of the country's unity, principals, interests and future generations.

The women confirmed their refusal of violence, chaos, subversion and the tension that the opposition coalition Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) has created. They blamed the JMP for the current crisis that has harmed the country, citizen's interests and that has sowed fear and terror in every Yemeni house.

They called on the JMP to respond with reason and logic and return to dialogue for addressing all issues and disputes without violence which leads only to destruction.

They also noted that Yemeni women know the serious consequences of bloodshed and were the most in need of security, stability and peace in their homeland. They said that Yemenis were aware of the evil goals behind misleading media that does not care for the country's security and stability.

They pointed out that there also existed a group of adventurous gamblers who wanted access to power at all costs, despite the will of the majority of the country's citizens.

They said that these individuals were revolting against democracy through provoking chaos and violence which the Yemeni people would not allow. President Saleh addressed the gathering and praised the women for their support of constitutional legitimacy.

“We thank you for this faithfulness and we appreciate your nationalistic feelings that adhere to constitutional legitimacy. We will remain steadfast and will not be shocked. We will adhere to constitutional legality in the face of coup and conspiracy,” said President Saleh.

He also said that “anyone who wants to access power should seek it through ballots… change and stepping down will be through elections within constitutional legality”. “These are the Yemeni women and the pulse of the Yemeni street that adheres to constitutional legality and says no to chaos, no to coups, no to cutting off roads, no to conspiracy, no to hatred and falsehood,” said President Saleh.

“Thanks to mothers, sisters and daughters for this loyalty and kind feelings. We reciprocate the same feelings with you wherever you are in all Yemeni governorates.” After the meeting with President Saleh the women from Sana'a city proceeded on a mass rally from al-Sabeen to Tahrir Square.