2018 Gertrud Baer Seminar


The Gertrud Baer Seminar is structured so that newcomers to WILPF can get together, learn more about the organisation, and thoroughly discuss a variety of topics. It is the only part of Congress open to the public.

Gertrud Baer was a German Jewish women's rights and peace activist and one of the founding members of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. She was born in Germany and joined the Suffrage Movement in 1908. When she was eighteen years old, after German women won the vote in 1918, Gertrud Baer devoted all her energy and work to the aims of WILPF. When the Second World War ended, she moved to Geneva to be the representative of WILPF at the UN. Her permanent presence at the UN in Geneva promoted the image of WILPF within the international community. She performed this task until 1972. Her enormous contribution to WILPF, which began at a very young age, has inspired the organisation to name this seminar after her.

This year's Gertrud Baer seminar is organised by Young WILPF Ghana in collaboration with other Young WILPF groups from other Sections and it will have a special focus on the challenges facing African women with particular focus on the rights of women in Africa and women empowerment.

It will take place on Sunday 19 August 1pm-5pm in the Seminar Room, LECIAD, University of Ghana.

Contact the organiser, Keren Ansah Mensah, Young WILPF Ghana Coordinator at keren.ywilpfgh@gmail.com