Leadership Training for Young Refugee Women

Sunday, January 1, 2006
Eileen Pittaway, Centre for Refugee Research
Peacewomen Comment: 

This resource was submitted as part of the 1325+10 PeaceWomen initiative to compile a repository of papers dealing with a broad range of issues around the implementation of 1325, as part of the Women, Peace and Security: From Resolution to Action Geneva High-Level Consultation 15-16 September 2010, Geneva.

The purpose of the training will be discussed and women will be invited to identify a range of leadership roles and activities which can be taken by refugee women and girls in camps and urban refugee settings. The training will build the capacity of participants to undertake those roles and activities.

We will introduce the idea that all human beings, women and men, have the right to participate in decision making processes which impact on their lives the lives of their families and communities. That all people have the right to be leaders.

We will explore what leadership means and how women can build on their existing leadership skills for the benefit of their communities.

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Leadership Training Refugee Women, Pittaway, Jan 2006