The 2242 Informal Expert Group on WPS


Council Decides to Integrate Women, Peace and Security Concerns Across AgendaDoes the Security Council integrate Women, Peace and Security issues into country-level action?

This section monitors the Informal Expert Group on Women, Peace and Security, which provides space for the Security Council to take coordinated action on key country situations on the Council agenda. It is vital that the Council not just address Women, Peace and Security through coordination with thematic experts, but through specific country-level analysis.   

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The Informal Expert Group (IEG) On Women, Peace and Security is the first official Security Council working Group on Women, Peace and Security and was created in 2016 after a decade of concerted calls by women led civil society. It affirms the Council’s 2015 commitment in UNSCR 2242 (OP 5a) to strengthen more systematically the oversight and coordination of Women, Peace and Security implementation work. The 2242 IEG is co-chaired by the United Kingdom and Spain. In 2016, it has met on a bi-monthly basis to discuss countries on the Council’s agenda including: Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, Iraq, and Mali.


Find the Guidelines for the Informal Working Group on Women, Peace and Security here>>>


IEG 2016

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