ZeroViolence254 Walk

Ripples International
Friday, April 7, 2017 - 00:00
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Human Rights
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Appeals & Demonstrations

This initiative by Ripples International is a 1,500 km walk called the ZeroViolence254 Walk. The goal of the walk is to create awareness on electoral and domestic violence and create positive choices in citizenry. 

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John Burke Baidoo is making the impossible 1,500 km Zero Violence254 walk possible. Together with Douglas Kinyua, a project officer with Ripples International, the duo are already making headway on this epic adventure from Kwale through 16 Counties to the quiet dusty town of Moyale sitting on the Kenyan/Ethiopian border. The objective is to create awareness on the ‘Protection Against Domestic Violence Act’, and take an active stand against electoral and domestic violence. 

Zero Violence254 is an initiative of Ripples International to end all forms of violence in Kenya. This targeted national level initiative will promote new behaviors, amplify the voices against Domestic and Electoral Violence to create positive choices in the citizenry, and promote action against the various and emerging forms of violence plaguing the nation. Participate in the Zero Violence254 Initiative today. 'Buy-A-Step' for only Ksh 500/-. Spread the word via social media by visiting our social media pages Facebook: @ZeroViolence254 and Twitter: @zeroviolence. Join the twitter conversation via our hashtag #ZeroViolence254.

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ZeroViolence254 Walk