Conference Agenda: Promoting Women's Human Rights and Participation in Conflict Affected Settings

S. Korea
N. Korea

In December 2016, the Korean Women's Development Institute (KWDI) organised an international symposium in Seoul entitled "Promoting Women’s Human Rights and Participation in Conflict- Affected Settings." Below is a copy of the conference agenda, as well as a welcome letter from KWDI President Myung-Sun Lee.

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Since the early 1990s, the international criminal tribunals have developed elaborate jurisprudences in relation to the punishment of sexually violent crimes against women in conflict situations, and the UN Security Council has also taken a firm stance on sexual violence in conflict situations. The United Nations also monitors sexual violence against women and girls and reports it to the UN Security Council. Since the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 1325, efforts to protect women's human rights and promote their participation have been steadily expanding.

This international symposium on 'Promoting Women’s Human Rights and Participation in Conflict-affected Settings' will examine the development of international norms to cope with sexual violence in wartime and conflict situations, the realization of justice in the judiciary, and ways to prevent and eradicate sexual violence in conflict situations. In Korea, which had the early experience of breaking the practice of silence and pointing out to international society that wartime sexual violence is a cruel crime through the women's movement of Japanese Millitary 'Comfort Women,' it is very significant to provide a forum for discussion on ways to implement measures to strengthen the healing and capacity of women and girls suffering from sexual violence in conflict situations. We request your presence at this meaningful forum to share your valuable opinion.

December 2016
Myung-Sun Lee
Presiddent, Korean Women's Development Institute