Democracy Support Strategies: Leading With Women's Political Empowerment


Authored by Thomas Corothers, this article reviews a variety of advocacy tools and frameworks for the promotion of women's political empowerment-- particularly tailored for democratic states in contexts of transition. Embedded is an abstract.

Download the entire article below, or read the original published by The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace on their website.


With many emerging democracies experiencing stagnation or setbacks, providers of democracy support are struggling to tailor assistance strategies to highly varied transitional contexts. As a crucial area of international aid for democracy as well as for development more generally, efforts to bolster women’s political empowerment share this challenge. Strategic differentiation not only helps identify what types of programs may be most effective in advancing gender equality in politics but also reveals how this work can be a critical lever for broader change where attempted transitions have slipped into dysfunctional patterns.