Disarming life: Reflections on Resolution 1325, disarmament and women in Colombia, the latest research report of WILPF Colombia (LIMPAL)


WILPF Colombia launched its most recent research report, Disarming life: Reflections on Resolution 1325, disarmament and women in Colombia. The report addresses disarmament in Colombia in two levels. Firstly, at the national level, disarmament is viewed as the laying down of arms by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army (FARC-EP) following the disarmament process set at the peace talks in Havana. The monitoring process of disarmament will be tripartite; by the United Nations, the Colombian Government and FARC-EP. Secondly, at the international level, disarmament must be addressed through the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) framework, which the Colombian government has already signed but which still needs to be ratified by its Congress.  

The research presents various debates around the link of arms and women, as well as the importance of a greater transparency and trade control of arms and ammunitions. In the UNSCR 1325 framework, the report makes recommendations for a successful DDR process with a gender perspective and shows concerns about the lack of regulation in the country regarding the possession and carrying out of arms. In the final recommendations, WILPF Colombia calls on Congress to expedite the ATT’s ratification. 

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