Engaging Men in Public Policies for the Prevention of Violence Against Women and Girls


The purpose of this report is to review impact-evaluated programs that engage men in the prevention and elimination of VAWG. This report does not attempt to map all of the interventions in LAC in the fi eld of engaging men. Rather, the objective is to provide evidence regarding efforts in the region to prevent and eradicate all forms of VAWG used by men, and to outline effective interventions and highlight progress in the fi eld, as well as the obstacles, lessons learned, and challenges. Given the paucity of programs that have been evaluated for impact, and to broaden the overview of prevention programs that engage men in the region, innovative and promising programs have been included.

Download PDF below or find the original at: http://menengage.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Engaging-Men-in-Public-Policies-to-Prevent-VAWG.pdf