Mexico: Surviving Death: Police and Military Torture Of Women In Mexico


Amnesty International recently released a report revealing that women and girls in Mexico are routinely victims of rape, sexual abuse, torture, and harrassment by police officers and law enforcement. The full report can be accessed below, or on the original on the Amnesty International web page here.

From Amnesty International:

Torture is widespread in Mexico’s “war on drugs”, but the impact on women has been largely ignored or downplayed. This report analyses the stories of 100 women who have reported torture and other forms of violence during arrest and interrogation by police and armed forces. Severe beatings; threats of rape against women and their families; near-asphyxiation, electric shocks to the genitals; groping of breasts and pinching of nipples; rape with objects, fingers, firearms and the penis – these are just some of the forms of violence inflicted on women, in many cases with the intention of getting them to “confess” to serious crimes.