Press release from Montenegrin Cabinet session


This article is a statement that reveals Montenegro's plans to pass a UNSCR1325 NAP. The article does not detail what will be included in the NAP but reinstates the principles of 1325.      

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Podgorica, Montenegro (16 February 2017) -- At the beginning of today's session, the Montenegrin Cabinet condemned yesterday's violence in the Parliament. It was concluded that yesterday's events are cause for serious concern about aggressive and violent behaviour of a part of opposition MPs and undermining of the integrity of the Parliament, as a legislative authority. Therefore, the Government expects the Supreme State Prosecutor's Office to take actions falling within its competence, thus protecting the integrity of the Parliament, as a legislative authority of Montenegro, as well as each of its MPs in person.

Cabinet approved the Draft Law Amending the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, which explicitly stipulates that the it is necessary to win approval from the Agency for Protection of Personal data when setting up video surveillance of public areas, shortens time for keeping recordings to six months and defines that the municipal police is responsible for executing final decisions when it comes to removing camera.

Cabinet passed the Regulation on the method of calculating specific fee on investments for the construction or reconstruction of facilities on the Montenegrin coast. Regulation stipulates in more detail the method of calculation of the special fee in line with Article 22 of the Law on Regional Water Supply of the Montenegrin coast. The fee was introduced by the Law of 1991, so that it does not represent a new obligation for investors on the Montenegrin coast.

In the field of harmonisation with European legislation, the Government passed the Regulation on limit values of pollutants in liquid fuels of petroleum origin. The regulation, inter alia, regulates the types of liquid fuels of petroleum origin, content limit values for pollutants, content of additives based on metals and other characteristics of the fuel, which, in terms of environmental protection, fuel placed on the market need to fulfill. It also defines methods for assessing and monitoring the fuel characteristics, methods for reducing emissions of air pollutants and the way of reporting on compliance with the prescribed criteria.

Cabinet also passed the Action Plan for the implementation of the Resolution 1325 of the United Nations Security Council – Women, Peace and Security in Montenegro (2017-2018) in order to support and monitor the implementation of the resolution at local, national and global levels. The three key areas for the implementation of the UN resolution are: increasing the participation of women in decision-making and peace processes, protection of women in conflict zones and the integration of gender perspective and gender education in peacekeeping operations.

Government of Montenegro passed the Environmental Monitoring Programme of Montenegro for 2017. Programme defines activities in six areas: air quality, the content of dangerous and harmful substances in soil, state of coastal ecosystem, biodiversity, noise and radioactivity.

Cabinet also passed the Decision on the adoption of Spatial Plan of the Municipality of Ulcinj. The plan outlines the goals and measures of spatial and urban development of Ulcinj in accordance with the planned economic, social, ecological and cultural-historical development. The plan, among other things, provides for the revitalisation of the old town, prohibits construction in Valdanos, and defines the area of the Salt Works as a nature park.

Minister of Public Administration informed the Cabinet about severe cyber attacks on the portal of the Government, subdomains of state authorities and state network infrastructure, which started yesterday. She noted that these attacks are similar to those that occurred on 16 October 2016, and that such attacks coincide with political events.