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Our Women, Peace and Security hub has thousands of resources, tools and initiatives from the local to global all around the world. PeaceWomen is committed to amplifying and sharing peacemakers’ voices through our online resource hub. Sharing knowledge and wisdom increases understanding and the possibility of coherence in Women, Peace and Security strategy and implementation


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  • Duration » Start date: Tuesday, November 9, 2010 - 19:00

    WEBSITE: IDP Vocies

    This site lets internally displaced people tell their life stories – in their own words. The narratives in these pages are valuable complements to the official information on conflicts which governments and international organisations offer.

    Read and listen to IDP Voices from Colombia and Georgia. IDP Voices from further countries will be added as the projects progress.

    Author/Source: IDP Voices

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  • Date: Tuesday, April 1, 2008

    Celebrating 100 Editions of the PeaceWomen E-News

    Sam Cook & Felicity Hill

    Sam Cook


    1. Editorial: Reflections on the E-News and the PeaceWomen Project � Sam Cook & Felicity Hill
    2. 100th Edition: Reader comments and E-news Survey
    3. Message from the WILPF co-presidents
    4. WILPF 93rd Birthday Message
    5. Feature Statement: NGO Statement on Gender and Nuclear Disarmament to NPT Preparatory Committee
    6. Highlights from our website

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