WILPF 2018 HLPF Social Media Toolkit: Mobilising awareness and action to make the SDGs work for women and girls in conflict situations

Monday, July 9, 2018
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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an important tool for addressing the conflict prevention gap and moving from political economies of war to political economies of peace and gender justice. Sustainable Development can only be successful if structural barriers, including gendered inequalities, are addressed for every person everywhere, including in conflict areas.

Therefore, WILPF has put together this guide to mobilise Member States, the UN and the international community’s recognition of local women’s work and to strengthen action that implements the SDGs in a way that works for women in conflict situations.

Together, we need to strengthen and mobilise women-led local initiatives if the SDGs are to become more than fluffy promises before 2030.


A universal agenda means SDGs that work for women and girls in conflict. This requires:

  • Women’s meaningful participation: Peace and development work should be reoriented around local women’s experiences and voices for justice and rights;

  • Extra-territorial accountability: Member States have to recognise their extraterritorial obligations when it comes to supporting the SDG implementation in conflict countries;

  • Peace financing: The international financial architecture should shift its priorities in order to address systemic issues, including gender inequality and the proliferation of arms, and create the conditions necessary to respect, protect and fulfill human rights;

  • Enabling environment: the International financial architecture must create the conditions to respect, protect and fulfill human rights by addressing systemic issues, including gender inequality and arms proliferation.


We have developed 17 visuals for you to use on social media to raise awareness: one for each SDG. Each visual highlights some of our many local WILPF and partner actions.

*********All visuals are available here>>

When will this action take place?

We will be sharing visuals on WILPF’s social media channels on a daily basis, focusing on what local women are doing to address different SDGs. We invite you to download and re-share these graphics to raise awareness, following the calendar below:

  • July 9: SDG 1 (Poverty) and 11 (Cities)

  • July 10: SDG 2 (Hunger) and 12 (Consumption/Production)

  • July 11: SDG 3 (Health and Well-being) and 13 (Climate Action)

  • July 12: SDG 4 (Education) and 14 (Life below Water)

  • July 13: SDG 5 (Gender Equality)

  • July 14: SDG 6 (Water and Sanitation)

  • July 15: SDG 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy)

  • July 16: SDG 8 (Work and Growth) and 15 (Life on Land)

  • July 17: SDG 9 and 16 (Peace)

  • July 18: SDG 10 and 17 (Partnership/Means of Implementation)


  1. Go to www.peacewomen.org/wilpf_and_sdgs and download the tiles you wish to share;

  2. Share them on your social media channels and tag WILPF and its Women, Peace and Security Programme, “PeaceWomen” (Twitter: @WILPF and @Peace_Women; Facebook: @WILPF and @WILPFPeaceWomen; Instagram @wilpf)

  3. Use the hashtags: #WomenLead2030 and #MovetheMoney

  4. Encourage your friends and followers to do the same!


To promote WILPF’s HLPF message, we suggest that you use the “WILPF and the SDGs” Facebook Profile Picture image as your profile picture while we run the campaign.

Download the Facebook Profile Picture on www.peacewomen.org/wilpf_and_sdgs


Facebook: #Civilsociety propose the feminist framework for building #feministpeace in #Bosnia through overcoming economic divisions and gender inequality. Discover how by reading http://ow.ly/vo5l30khfGn. #MoveTheMoney #WomenLead2030 #SDG5

Twitter: Learn about how to overcome economic divisions and gender inequality for #lastingpeace in #postconflict settings at: http://ow.ly/vo5l30khfGn #MoveTheMoney #WomenLead2030 #SDG5

Facebook: @WILPF highlights innovative approaches that demand action on sexual and gender-based violence grounded in international criminal and human rights law for peacebuilding and gendered conflict prevention. Now, it is incumbent on the system to make that happen. Learn how that can be done at: http://ow.ly/Hmhm30kheO3. #MoveTheMoney #WomenLead2030 #SDG16

Twitter: Learn more about innovative approaches that demand action on sexual and gender-based violence grounded in international criminal and human rights law for peacebuilding and gendered conflict prevention at: http://ow.ly/Hmhm30kheO3  #MoveTheMoney #WomenLead2030 #SDG16

Facebook: Lack of funding for #feministoragnisations affects #women and contributes to the #feminisation of poverty and deepening #genderinequalities within #society. Read more at: http://bit.ly/2so3uAj. #MoveTheMoney #WomenLead2030 #SDG17

Twitter: Learn about the ways to prevent #feminisation of poverty and ensure  gender equality as the key investment priority at: http://bit.ly/2so3uAj #MoveTheMoney #WomenLead2030 #SDG17

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WILPF Social Media Toolkit For The High Level Political Forum 2018