AFGHANISTAN: Open Letter from the Women of Afghanistan

Thursday, June 9, 2011
Global Network of Women Peacebuilders
Southern Asia
PeaceWomen Consolidated Themes: 
General Women, Peace and Security
Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

Afghan Women's Network once again raises serious concerns on the increased instances of violence against children and women in Afghanistan and seriously condemns this act.

The gang rape of 12 years old girl in Takkar province dated 31 Hamal 1390 is the latest havoc that adds on the already drastic number of incidents of sexual violence against children and women in this province. This is happening while we have witnessed at least three other incidents of sexual abuse in the same province in one month. Recently a wife was killed by her husband and her sister was kidnapped. In most instances, such cases lack legal follow which ultimately promotes the culture of impunity in Afghanistan.

Afghan Women's Network seriously calls on the relevant institutions for thorough investigation and follows up of all the incidents that unfortunately have become an amnesty for the perpetrators.

We repeatedly call on the Afghan Parliament to question the Minister for Interior and Takhar Governor and ask them for dismissal of the Police Chief of Takhar who has failed to prevent such heinous acts.

Afghan Women's Network request the parliament to recognize the issues of violence against women and child sexual abuse as one of the national issue and declare their strong stance and decisions on these issues so that the people of Afghanistan can en-trust the different branches of Executive, Legislative and Judiciary of the state and support them.

Violence and inhumane acts against women and children is the reflection of an unhealthy society. We need role models for the protection of women and children. Therefore, AWN, would like to appreciate the serious stance of Mr. Ahmad Farhad Majidi, member of parliament for his condemnation of the gang rape of the 12 years old girl in Takkar province at a parliamentary general session. People like Mr Majidi prove that children and women's issues are not limited to any geographical or language limitations, but is a national issues.

We, Afghan Women want serious investigation of the cases of violence and rape of children and women from the three branches of the Afghan State in order to ensure legal protection in a secure society.