Call for Solidarity: Freedom and Gender Equality in Iran

Gender Equality for Iran
Sunday, February 28, 2010 - 19:00
Western Asia
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Human Rights
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Appeals & Demonstrations

“We (a group of Iranian feminists and women's rights activists) demand an end to state-led violence and repression, as well as the immediate release of all political detainees in Iran.

We invite all women's rights defenders, activists, organisations, and networks worldwide to demonstrate their solidarity with the Iranian women's movement and the broader movement for democracy in Iran by organising initiatives under the slogan ‘freedom and gender equality in Iran' throughout March 2010.

Suggested Strategies for Action
Below, please see some of the ways in which you can show solidarity with Iranian women. These are only examples; please feel free to be creative in your expression of solidarity.
Mark the 8th of March by focusing on the situation of women in Iran in publications, blogs, public lectures, demonstrations, and community gatherings;

* Organise local events that focus on the current struggle in Iran as part of the World March of Women;
* Feature the slogan “Freedom and Gender Equality in Iran” on websites, Op-Eds, flyers, advertisements, public demonstrations, as well as in other innovative actions taken by activists, artists, feminists, and intellectuals;
* Keep in touch with us through our email, blog, Facebook group Gender Equality, and Twitter page, where we will cover the news and reactions regarding the worldwide “freedom and gender equality in Iran” initiatives. Our goal is for these pages to also become virtual spaces for debate and engagement between feminists and women's rights activists worldwide and those in Iran;
* Make short films and take pictures of your local “freedom and gender equality in Iran” actions. We will gather these and publish them on the internet pages mentioned above. A YouTube channel dedicated to these footages might be set up in the future."

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