CAMPAIGN: Red Pashmina Campaign Celebrates Women of Impact

The Peterborough Examiner
Saturday, May 14, 2011 - 20:00
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Women took a walk for a special cause Saturday morning and it was deemed a major success.

The inaugural Red Pashmina Walk took place along the Millenium Trail and around the neighbourhood from Millenium Park with the start at the Silver Bean Café.

The Red Pashmina Campaign (RPC) partnered with the Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan (CW4WA) to host the walk, which was about two kilometres, to raise money for the health and education of women and girls in Afghanistan.

According to Daphne Ingram of the (CW4WA) 48 women registered for the walk and $3,103 was raised through pledges and donations. Proceeds were to be equally divided between both groups.

With May being declared by the City Women's Month in Peterborough, the RPC also unveiled a poster featuring about 70 women, called Women Of Impact, who have been recognized for their contributions in the community.

During its launch in December, the RPC asked Peterborough residents to nominate women in their lives by purchasing a red scarf, with proceeds going to support women in Afghanistan. Along with the women who have been recognized since then an estimated $3,500 has been raised for a maternity clinic in the Kunduz Province in the country.

"The list is growing all the time," said RPC external relations director Maryam Monsef, one of the walk organizers. "It's wonderful to see and a time of celebration. Many women are making an impact locally and internationally. They inspire and hold their communities together. It breeds empowerment."

Monsef said an idea for a walk grew out their participation during the Santa Claus parade in December.

"We thought it was a good sales idea and a good way to raise some money," she said. "It would have a visual impact."

Ingram said it was a good partnership.

"It was wonderful to be with them (RPC) today," she said. "It was a great day and we appreciated the generosity."

Peterborough's Antoinette Van Veen, a teacher of English and Canadian culture at Fleming College, was glad she took part.

"I see how much I'm grateful for and understand the challenges others have," she said. "It is great to have this support system and to give back. I think about women who haven't had the same opportunity, support or encouragement I have had. My heart is with the Afghan women, all women."

Catherine Hanrahan, nominated as a Woman of Impact added: "It is an honour to be named with these other women. They have done so much in the community. I was proud to be part of the walk and this grass roots campaign. It was innovative."