CAMPAIGN: WILPF and GRW Unite in June: Stand with Women Shaping a New Middle East

Global Room for Women
Monday, May 30, 2011 - 20:00
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Please join us! Too busy? Don't worry – all calls are recorded.

Whether you know a lot or a little about the dramas and dynamics of the Middle East, our guests will share stories and information which will inspire all. Be surprised how much we have in common and how much we can learn together.

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Beyond the Call

After the teleconferences, you can connect personally with our guests and other women you met in the Global Room! Or, you might want to join an exciting new effort being organized around a guest – or start one yourself! Here are ways to make those connections possible:

Listen to their daring activities as they defy oppression and insist on their right to live as they wish. Make new friends in our warm, intimate space. Join the conversations. Shy? Come and just quietly listen in. This is sure to be an experience you won't soon forget – and will talk about for weeks!

We want to thank CODEPINK ( for making this series possible.

Introduction to Global Conversations

Thursday, June 9 at

“How We Learn Together in the Global Room for Women”

Enjoy time with women across North America and beyond as we prepare for our time with our global sisters.

Samina Sundas, Pakistan/US

Monday, June 13 at

“An American Muslim Voice”

As a Muslim woman from Pakistan living in the United States,Samina will transport you to the epicenter of discord while sharing with you what happens when personal relationships, acceptance and dialogue replace violence and fear. In light of the recent demise of Osama Bin Laden, she raises sensitive questions: What do “justice” and “closure” really mean?What meaning does this event hold for all Americans, as we approach 9/11 ten years later? And what does this change, if anything, for our American Muslim communities?

Aya Faissal, Egypt

Thursday, June 16 at

“Beyond the Revolution”

Join us for a rare opportunity to hear the voice of young Cairo as we reveal the backstory of the Egyptian revolution from a woman's perspective. Aya will share her ongoing adventure of joining with millions of youth who are organizing en masse to invoke reform in Egypt, and her new mission to lift a few women – out of the 15 million people trapped in the poverty-ridden slums of Cairo. As one of only a few veiled students studying in France prior to coming home to Egypt, Aya will impart her experiences of navigating the headscarf law while preserving her own customs and personal choice.

Mona Elfarra, Gaza

Thursday, June 23 at

“Modern Woman of Gaza”

Mona Elfarra is a modern, educated Islamic woman passionate about her people and homeland. As Project Manager of Middle East Children's Alliance, she serves over 100,000 kids of war-torn Gaza through the creative arts. As a peace activist, Mona brings a view of Islam that supports her work. How do we choose which family, cultural, and religious traditions to own and assimilate into our adult identities – so we remain true to our authentic voice, still belong, and yet shape a better world for ourselves and our children? Mona will encourage you to explore the many obstacles, setbacks, and challenges of change while following your passion.

Esra'a of Bahrain

Sunday, June 26 at

“Social Media + Women = Peace”

As waves of unrest sweep through the Middle East, much of the story goes unreported. A positive counter-force is being organized underground! Esra'a will share how she is leveraging technology to organize MidEast Youth. Her grassroots, indigenous digital network brings a fresh, vibrant voice to young free-thinkers challenging governments and regimes across the Middle East and North Africa. She is the recipient of numerous awards from Harvard, TED Fellow Awards, and Think Social. Using high energy and humor, Esra'a will share how impenetrable barriers of faith and geography can be surmounted.

*Note: Because of high security risks, we are not able to post photos or personal information of this global guest. You can see her work at


Kay Robinson, California, US

Thursday, June 30 at

Online Meditation: “Use Your Intuition to Navigate Change”

Are you eager to take big steps, have courage, and achieve your goals? Join Global Room for Women's Kay Robinson for a special one-hour online meditation offering you new techniques to navigate change in your life and in the world. This is an hour to find the quiet within and the inspiration to make clear decisions. Find a comfy chair and your favorite drink. Join us!