ERITREA: Central Region - Nuew Striving to Strengthen Women's Capacity

Friday, October 15, 2010
Eastern Africa
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Human Rights

Asmara — The NUEW branch in the Central region is undertaking various activities in 13 administrative areas and 3 sub-zones with a view to strengthening women's competence and organizational capacity.

The head of the branch office, Ms. Tek'a Tesfamichael, said that the objectives of the Union essentially focus on strengthening women's organizational capacity and enhancing their participation in all aspects, which task calls for intensive lecture and campaign among female students and workers. She further noted that material and monetary incentives are being extended to those females of students who demonstrated excellence in their academic pursuit.

Moreover, the branch office continues to offer vocational training courses to a number of women in a bid to ensure gender equality and enable them become self-supporting. A number of women received training on weaving this year that is making due contribution in improving their living standard, Ms. Tek'a added.

The coordinator of vocational training at the NUEW Training Center in the Central region, Ms. Hadas Mussie, indicated on her part that complete materials are being extended to the trainees in the form of loan so as to help them engage in their own business activities.

The beneficiaries expressed satisfaction with the opportunity created for them and stressed the significance of such training programs in improving their life style.