ERITREA: Female Participation in Edi Elementary School On the Rise

Sunday, January 9, 2011
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The participation of female students in Edi Elementary School, Central Denkalia, has shown growth by 25%, according to Mr. Bedewi Idris, the director of the school.

He said that the modern school has provided vital impetus to raising the number of students in general and females in particular to pursue education. The school is admitting students from the surrounding villages of Karum, Abol and Antata'in, the director added.

Also, Omar Ya'adi, a Grade 5 student, said that public awareness regarding the advantages of education is being enhanced and that student enrolment is on the rise as a result of continuous campaign.

Mr. Bedewi further stated that the progress being registered in the school is commendable, and called on administrators, community elders and parents to reinforce endeavors for greater female participation in schools at higher level.