ERITREA: Geleb Sub-Zone - Strenuous Endeavors Described Vital for Promoting Active Female Participation in Education

Friday, December 10, 2010
Eastern Africa
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Human Rights

Geleb — Parents in Aibaba administrative area, Geleb sub-zone, were called up on to enhance contribution in promoting active female participation in education.

In a meeting with parents, the director of the Desiet Elementary and Junior School, Mr. Woldemariam Teklezgi, indicated that female participation in elementary level is progressing well. However, their participation in junior and secondary levels is declining due to underage marriage, cultural pressures and lack of the grouping of villages, he elaborated.

The participants of the meeting highlighted the need for properly identifying the causes for low female participation in education and take urgent remedial steps.

Desiet Elementary and Junior School is currently providing educational opportunity to about 400 students.