ERITREA: Handicraft Training Courses for Women Imperative for Improving Their Life Style

Tuesday, October 5, 2010
Eastern Africa
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Human Rights

Barentu — Women in Gash-Barka region who received training on handicraft by the NUEW said that conducive ground should be created that would enable them to form a group and supply products to the market, and thus improve their living standard.

They stated that previously they used to possess traditional skill in creating various handicrafts, especially embroider which was further enriched through the training course. They further noted that they are determined to prepare modern designs as regards embroider through making good use of the available resource at their disposal, and that such products have high demand in the market.

Ms. Sophia Sila, who offered training to the women, said on her part that she has managed to improve her living standard through preparing various styles of embroidery that continue to get high demand in the market over the past 4 years. She further expressed conviction that the trainees could upgrade their skill and improve their life style through supplying various handicraft products to the market.

The head of social service in the NUEW branch in Gash-Barka region, Ms. Fatuma Alinur, pointed out that the training program being offered to women is aimed at improving their living condition and that they could obtain loan from the Union so as to embark on different ventures.