ERITREA: Molqi Sub-Zone - NUEW Striving to Improve Women's Living Standard

Saturday, November 20, 2010
Eastern Africa
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Human Rights

Molqi — The NUEW branch in Molqi sub-zone is striving to improve women's economic wellbeing and address social problems they are encountering, stated Ms. Asmeret Tsegai, head of the branch office.

She pointed out that different types of assistance continue to be extended to women in the sub-zone with a view to upgrading their life style. In line with such endeavors, cattle were recently given in support of 60 needy women, Ms. Asmeret added. She further indicated that more than 1,300 smokeless ovens have been modified in 6 administrative areas of the sub-zone which are making due contribution in ensuring women's health.

The beneficiaries commended the Union's efforts towards improving their living standard and stated that the assistance would pave the way for improved living standard.