ERITREA: More Pregnant Mothers Giving Birth At Health Station

Tuesday, December 28, 2010
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Pregnant mothers in Bel'ubui administrative area, Southern Red Sea region, are now able to regularly make medical checkups and give birth at health stations thanks to the construction of health institutions, stated Mr. Ali Idris, a nurse in the center.

He indicated that the Bel'ubui health station possesses well-equipped delivery room along with skilled manpower and waiting hall for pregnant mothers. The number of mothers giving birth at the station is also growing, Mr. Ali added.

More than 70 pregnant mothers from remote areas have so far given birth in the delivery room of the station that began service in the middle of this year.

Mothers in the area stated that they used to face a lot of suffering, including death while giving birth on the part of traditional midwives. Mother mortality rate has now dramatically dropped as a result of the construction of the health station. Reports also indicated that the awareness of the mothers regarding the significance of pre-and post-delivery medical checkup is on the rise.