ERITREA: Raising Public Awareness Imperative for Reduction of Maternal Mortality Rate in Gash-Barka Region - Report

Monday, September 20, 2010
Eastern Africa
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Barentu — A meeting held in Barentu town highlighted the need for undertaking vigorous public awareness raising campaigns so that efforts to dramatically reduce maternal mortality rate during pregnancy and delivery in Gash-Barka region may bear successful outcome.

The meeting indicated that despite the fact that commendable changes have been registered in reducing mother morality rate at the national level, the negative consequence of backward practices and low awareness in the region in particular is not to be viewed lightly.

The head of the Health Ministry's branch in the region, Dr. Araya Berhane, pointed out that health institutions in Gash-Barka are being renovated so as to provide efficient service, and stated that special attention would be given to health institutions in Tokombia, Shambuko, Tessenei, Fawlina, Koronko, Aligidir and Kachero.

The director general of social service in the region, Mr. Abdelahi Alamin Tita, stated on his part that the regional administration would enhance collaboration in tackling the loopholes encountered in efforts to reduce maternal mortality rate.

Also speaking at the meeting, the Minister of Health, Ms. Amna Nurhusein, stressed the need for taking joint action on the part of all administrative regions so as to achieve the millennium goal. In this respect, she underlined the need for immediately identifying the shortcoming in reducing mother mortality rate in the region and take the necessary remedial measures.

The participants of the meeting adopted a number of resolutions and recommendations, including the need to strengthen relations between administrative bodies and health institutions, offering supplementary skill upgrading course to health professionals and the like.