ERITREA: Training Program Given to Women in Dekemhare Sub-Zone

Saturday, January 8, 2011
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Dekemhare — A training program was offered to 60 women in the villages of Belesto, Dengel and Awlie-Tseru, Dekemhare sub-zone, with a view to enabling them become economically self-supporting, according to Ms. Miliete Adhanom from the Agriculture Ministry's branch in the sub-zone.

The training focused on weaving, sewing and poultry, as well as mother and child care. She stressed the importance of such training in improving their living standard.

The head of the Ministry's branch in the sub-zone, Mr. Eyasu Asefaw, said on his part that the Government is doing its level best to expand equitable social services in remote areas. He also called on the trainees to make good use of the newly acquired skill.