ERITREA: Women Participation in All Aspects is Exemplary, Says Aljazeera TV

Thursday, November 18, 2010
Eastern Africa
PeaceWomen Consolidated Themes: 

Asmara — Aljazeera TV Station said that Eritrean women's participation in all aspects is exemplary. In its news report broadcast yesterday focusing on Eritrean women's participation during pre-and post-independence period, it pointed out that there exist active women participation in all domains, even in those fields traditionally designated for men. The report further noted that their role in the achievement of independence was very high.

In the post-independence period too, Eritrean women are actively participating in the political, social, development and economic aspects of the nation-building process assuming various responsibilities up to the level of Minister, it added.

Noting that gender equality in Eritrea is being inculcated in the minds of the society as a culture, beyond being a right, Aljazeera TV indicated that Eritrea could be cited as exemplary in East Africa as regards women's all-round participation.