ETHIOPIA: Torture and Extrajudicial Killings Continue Unabated in the Ogaden

Friday, January 21, 2011
Ogaden Online
Eastern Africa
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Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

The incidents took place in the town of Sagag where Ina (The daughter of) Sheikh Mahamud Sheikh Abdillahi and Halima Badal Sam-Sam Abiib were subjected to extreme forms of torture while under the custody of the Ethiopian Armed Forces.

The victims were suspended in the air by their ankles with their legs spread wide while the soldiers poured two liters of water mixed with red powder chili over them. The soldiers applied the red powder chili in and around the victims' genitalia causing severe burns. The victims were rushed to Jigjiga's main hospital where it is reported that they are in critical condition.
The Ethiopian Armed Forces also tortured two other victims by the name of Hamdi Sheikh Abdi Ma'alin Ibrahim and Rukiya Sheikh Abdi Indole. The victims were subjected to severe beatings. Both victims are reported to be in critical condition. Ms. Hamdi's condition is more acute as one of Hamdi's breasts was cut off.

In other news, the Ethiopian authorities in Qabridahar killed three detainees inside the main Qabridahar jail. These were extrajudicial killings as the victims have not been charged with any crimes. The names of the victims are Abdirizak Hure, Suban and Abdillahi Ali Bare. Abdirizak Hure worked for the Government. It is unclear what led to his detention and subsequent killing. Other civilians were also arbitrarily detained in Qabridahar. The whereabouts of these latest detainees are unknown.

Ethiopian Government has been at war with the Somali Ogadens. Torture and extrajudicial are daily realities in the region. The actions of the Government violate the Common article 3 of the Geneva Conventions of 1949 which prohibits torture during internal armed conflict and Article 18(1) of the Ethiopia's own Constitution states that: “No person shall be subject to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”