INTERNATIONAL: Women, War and Peace Debuts on PBS October 11

Monday, September 26, 2011
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This week in NY was the annual opening of the UN General Assembly where heads of states make their speeches. Seeing all these dudes stand up at the podium while the world is a total mess one thing is clear—we need more women's voices involved at all levels of government and diplomacy.

That's why the new PBS series Women, War and Peace is so important. The series was put together by Abby Disney, Gini Reticker and Pamela Hogan. There are a lot of conflicts happening around the world. Some we don't even know anything about and since war in general has changed with their being now clear front lines anymore, women and children are the ones who lose their lives in the current conflicts. While women are being brutalized, assaulted, maimed and used as weapons in many conflicts they are also the ones are the forefront of trying to make peace.

I was able to attend the launch of the series which begins on October 11 (and goes for 5 consecutive weeks) and a star studded room reminded us on many things that are easy to forget.

Here are some great quotes I picked up (I stupidly didn't write down who said what) and a speech by Geena Davis and the amazing Leymah Gebowee from Liberia who spoke at the event. (Sorry that the videos are dark)

“Women don't want to be seen as victims, they want to be seen as the leaders that they are.”

“If you don't have women at the table, you won't have peace.”

“If women's voices are marginalized or silenced, the peace will not be maintained.”

“Women matter if you want to have peace and security.”

“War would never have happened if women had been involved in decision making.”

“Women prevent wars from happening.”

“Women are caught in war but wanting to make peace.”

“Half the world can't make a whole peace.”

Tune in on October 11 and the subsequent weeks to learn—really learn—about this vital issue.