IRAN: NCRI Women's Committee Condemns Execution of Zahra Bahrami

Monday, January 31, 2011
National Council of Resistance of Iran
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Ms. Sarvnaz Chitsaz, NCRI Women's Committee Chair, described the barbaric execution of Ms. Zahra Bahrami as an indication of the weakness of a regime that is becoming increasingly loathed by the Iranian people, especially women, who are resolute in bringing down this misogynist religious fascism ruling Iran and in replacing it with a democracy and popular rule.

Ms. Bahrami who was apprehended in the wave of arrests following the Ashura uprisings of 2009 had been accused of Moharebeh (Enmity with God), a mullahs' fabricated charge. She underwent physical and psychological tortures from the outset to make false confessions and to succumb to interviews incriminating her. Finally, after one year, henchman Salevati, acting as mullahs' judge, with mock arrangements, depicted her as a smuggler of narcotics and condemned her to death.

NCRI Women's Committee calls on all European countries, especially the Netherland, where Ms. Bahrami was a citizen, to cut off all diplomatic ties with the Iranian regime and urged them to adopt a firm policy against the religious fascism ruling Iran.