IRAN: Women Political Prisoners in Evin Prison, Still on Hunger Strike / Transport to Hospital Karami

Tuesday, November 6, 2012
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According to information from the women's ward of Evin prison, Karami, detained political prisoners on hunger strike from Tuesday to take over.

The number of strikers had ten people.

Including spring driven strikers, precious diadem, Jila James, Shiva, M. Amrabadi, Hakimeh sugar, Jila Karam Zadeh Makvandi, Nasim Soltan Beigi and R. Karami Zokaee and inhumane treatment that made their protest and demanded The authorities have apologized.

Based on the report yesterday, Karami, who was on hunger strike, physical problems, has been transferred to the infirmary.

Attackers of women, including about 20 women guards units to protect prison were entering the privacy of personal and political prisoners of the same order and inconvenience to them and after a storm of political women prisoners as insulting the physical inspection.

After nine political prisoners on hunger strike to protest the desecration and violation of women's prison women in prison, and visit unusual, 33 lady trapped in this paragraph letter addressed to the president, wrote in prison.

Members of the One Million Signatures Campaign, Karami member of the Participation Front, was arrested on March 88 and was forced to interview.

He already Magistrates Court Branch 26 of Tehran's Revolutionary Court, presided by Judge Pir Abbasi, a bear was sentenced to four years imprisonment.

According to the charges, Karami "membership in the Human Rights Activists in Iran", "propaganda against the system", "gathering and colluding with intent to commit crimes against national security" and "spreading lies" was the title. He was charged with "publishing lies" and free to join the "Human Rights Activists in Iran" to two years imprisonment on charges of "propagating against the regime," "gathering and colluding with intent to commit crimes against national security" to was sentenced to two years imprisonment.

Karami, on 11 March, security forces raided the house and arrested. Meanwhile, according to his brother, Mohsen Karami sentence on March 5 and accusations, confusion and participating in the Karami was listed last year after his mother died, all of his time to nursing The patient's father had passed.

Karami was arrested five times already. First and second with conflict July 18, 1387 to the third Persian date Khordad 24 acting against national security, which was released after 70 days. Again, six Persian date Farvardin 1388 with 11 members of Mothers for Peace Campaign, which aims to meet the New Year with the family of Zahra Bani Jacob was arrested on charges of disturbing public order and was released after 13 days. In all the above cases, the warrant was issued for his acquittal.