IRAN/PAKISTAN: LCWU has Great Role in Women Development in Pakistan: Iranian Ambassador

Sunday, February 6, 2011
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Iranian Ambassador Mashallah Shakiri has said that Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) has great role in women development in Pakistan. He was speaking in the campus, after the meeting of Iranian delegation with LCWU's management.

Iranian minister for women affairs Nazri Tahira, Council General Ali Naikai and Director General Abbas Famoori were included in the delegation. The delegation visited Iranian Study Centre, which is set up in Persian Department at LCWU with the funding of Iran. Registrar Professor Shaista Wine, dean faculty of social science Riffat Saqlain, dean of humanities and languages Dr Hamala Khalid and Faleeha Kazmi briefed the delegation that LCWU is the largest state- run university for women in Pakistan.

It was observed in the meeting that both Muslim countries could collaborate in numerous academic areas like technology, literature, art and research. Student exchange programme was also discussed. Iranian minister said that Iranian Government is very keen to uplift its women in all walks of life and a renowned atomic scientist in Iran is a lady.

While addressing the dinner in the honour of Dadashzadeh Fahim, Managing Director Houshang Dadashzadeh Fahim, an Iranian educational institute, Punjab University vice-chancellor Dr Mujahid Kamran has said that university is maintaining its tremendous traditions and providing all-out educational facilities to Iranian students and making efforts for enhancing the number of Iranian students in PU to promote mutual relations between Pakistan and Iran.

He said Pakistan and Iran share strong cultural, geographical and political relations and the increase in number of Iranian students in Pakistani educational institutes would help understand each other more.

He said apart from 20 students in PU College of Pharmacy, one in Psychology and other disciplines, Iranian students were doing their PhDs in Urdu language and these students will promote soft image of Pakistan in their country. Speaking on the occasion, Dadashzadeh Fahim said Iran had a desire to increase its students in Pakistan.

He revealed that nearly 30,000 Iranian students had been getting education in India, while in Pakistan the number of Iranian students was less than 1,000 and the Iranian government was trying to enhance the figure. He said Dr Mujahid Kamran was a very wise and education-friendly person and we had many expectations from him. He said having strong cultural relations, both the countries respect each other's literature and other artistic values and Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal had a high place in Iran.

Dean Faculty of Life Sciences Professor Dr Shahida Hasnain, Principal College of Pharmacy Professor Dr Syed Saeed-ul-Hassan and Dean & Chairman Sheikh Zayed Postgraduate Medical Institute Dr Muhammad Saeed briefed the Iranian delegation about their faculties, which was highly appreciated by Dadashzadeh Fahim. Registrar Professor Dr Muhammad Akhtar, Advisor to vice-chancellor Colonel Ikramullah Khan, Director External Linkages Maria Maldonado, former Chairman Persian Department Dr Aftab Asghar and Professor Muhammad Ali Chaudhry were also present on the occasion.