IWN Letter to Prime Minister of Sweden of Sweden Regarding International UN Conference on Iraq

Iraqi Women Network
Monday, April 14, 2008 - 20:00
Western Asia
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Appeals & Demonstrations

Dear Mr. Fredrik Reinfeldt,

The Swedish Government lately announced an initiative to host an international conference in support of security and peace in Iraq, scheduled to be held by the end of May, 2008. This initiative comes in compliance with Iraqi government pursue to spread rule of law, and mobilize reconstruction and development programmes,

On this occasion, we would like to express concern and worry over the accumulative sufferings of Iraqi women under spreading violence and terror, where women became direct target of criminal acts conducted under various religious and tribal slogans, specifically in the areas of Basrah, Baghdad, Diyala, Mosul, and in Kurdistan region, creating a ripple effect of worries and fears for more curbing to women right of participation in public life,

Out of belief that the process of laying foundations for security, peace and democracy requires mobilizing citizens from both genders, in an active involvement in the process, the Iraqi Women Network calls for listing women role in peace and security according to UN Security Council Resolution 1325, in the conference agenda, we also call for gender balance of Iraqi representing delegation, allowing women NGOs and other non governmental organizations to actively participate with the Iraqi delegation and conference activities, in response with the context of International Compact with Iraq, ICI,

Since its establishment in 2003, the Iraqi Women Network, has taken a vital coordination role amongst many organizations and civilian communities all over Iraq, tackling women issues, welfare and interest of our people, holding to Iraqi citizenship identity in our inter-dialogues, activities and programmes, working tirelessly to promote the culture of human rights, non violence, and building state of law and peace. Our participation at this conference will enhance common work amongst IQ, the international community and civil society organizations in assessing the needs of Iraqi women and the current challenges towards their active participation to build a pluralist, democratic and federal Iraq graced by peace, security and prosperity. .

Looking forward to receive your positive reply regarding our request,

Sincerest Regards,

Hanaa Edwar,
Iraqi Women Network, IWN

Note: The same letter in Arabic has been sent to Dr. Barham Saleh, Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister