KASHMIR: 2014 witnesses rise in crime against women in Kashmir

Friday, June 13, 2014
Kashmir Times
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Year 2014 has so far witnessed a steep rise in cases of crime against women in valley. In the beginning of the year in February a case of sexual assault was filed against the former state health minister Shabir Ahmad Khan after a female medico accused the minister of attempting to molest her. The incident resulted in a huge hue and cry from the entire valley. Ultimately the minister had to resign and appeared in a police station.

Recently in a horrific incident in south Kashmir, a minor girl's ear was chopped off by five youth after she resisted the molestation bid. This incident occurred when the girl student was returning home from picnic and she was stalked and attacked by the goons on her way to home. The incident resulted in protests particularly by the students.

Just a week back, a nurse from south Kashmir alleged molestation by some officers of the health department including the director health services Kashmir. In this regard a case of sexual assault was registered in Police Station Shaheedganj against Director Health Services Kashmir, Chief Medical Officer Anantnag and Block Medical Officer Saller Anantnag.

The incidents of violence against women did not end here. Just a couple of days back, a 48 year old government teacher was arrested in South Kashmir after a class 12 minor girl student accused him of molesting her during a school picnic.

According to police the girl student was on a school picnic to Pahalgam when the teacher allegedly harassed her. People from all the sections of the society have been strongly condemning these heinous acts and demanding stern action against the culprits.

In the previous year also a number of cases of molestation of women have been reported which indeed have shaken the conscience and the very fabric of the society in Kashmir. The incidents of assault on women are increasing at an alarming level and this nuisance has left the entire valley shocked.

According to SHO women's police station Srinagar, the number of cases of crime against women is increasing every year. “The complaints of harassment, molestation, eve teasing etc have increased in past many years and we do register a number of complaints almost every day. Not only at this police station but the police stations at other districts and particular areas also register complaints from many women,” SHO Sugandha Mahajan said.

Noted sociologist Prof B A Dabla said the change in the role of women is responsible for the violence against them. “A fundamental change has taken place in the role that our women used to play earlier and role she plays now. For past many years the entire scenario has undergone a change and the role of a woman has now been developed outside her home. A sort of contradiction is going on between her role and the role played by men which has ultimately resulted in the violence against our women folk,” he said.

Prof Dabla believes that people need to think with a broader social perspective and men have to compromise and accept the role women have adopted and provide her with the respect she deserves.