KYRGYZSTAN: Switzerland to support the access of conflict affected women to economic opportunities in Osh and Jalalabat cities

Monday, January 17, 2011
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The Swiss Cooperation Office in the Kyrgyz Republic is launching a new seven-month project involving the creation of women bakeries and the setup of small businesses in Osh and Jalalabat. This project will cost close to USD 210 000 in total.

This project is aimed to support conflict-affected women in Osh and Jalalabat, while providing food assistance to middle school students in conflict-affected and vulnerable urban areas. The project is implemented by the Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED) with financial support from Switzerland.

Building on the success of a past project pertaining to the production and distribution of jarred food in Osh and Jalalabat, ACTED will provide temporary employment and business opportunities to conflict-affected women in Osh and Jalalabat. ACTED has created three women bakeries in Osh and Jalalabat, and will distribute the bread and pastries they produce free of charge to middle school students in conflict-affected and vulnerable urban areas during winter. Following this, women beneficiaries will be able to apply for a grant to set up their own small business.

During winter season around 160 000 bread rolls will be produced. In an effort to guarantee the sustainability of the project, the production equipment is likely to be donated in kind to some women beneficiaries selected to receive support towards the establishment of their own small business.

In the framework of the project, more than 35 vulnerable conflict-affected women will gain access to business planning and management skills, as well as to some cash or in kind donations towards the establishment of their small business. Besides, more than 200 women will also gain access to income-generating activities on a temporary basis. In total, the bread rolls produced within the framework of this project will help more than 2000 middle school students, giving them access to some sustenance during winter time.