LIBYA: Only One Genuinely Elected Woman in the Libyan `Government` and She is in Hiding

Saturday, January 5, 2013
Mathaba news
Northern Africa
PeaceWomen Consolidated Themes: 

The unlawful occupation regime attempting to govern Libya without any success has a fake `General National Congress` (GNC) limited to members who by new law must have no relation or support for direct participatory democracy.

To say that women's rights are better now just because there are 33 women in the GNC does not at all mean women are enjoying their rights. If it wasn't for the infamous "election law" which not only bans anyone who even remotely supports the Jamahiriya people's power or the ideas of Muammar Qadhafi on any issue, but also required that women had to be on the party lists, the GNC would only have one women in the parliament by now - Amina Mahmoud Takhtakh who ran as an individual candidate and won because people voted for her.

She represents Bani Walid however, and it is important to note that this Congresswoman is unable to attend the GNC meetings as she is in hiding from the pro-government armed militias, after speaking out against the attack on Bani Walid which took place last September.

Women's rights activists are seriously living in a state of denial about women rights in Libya, if they think anything so far has really been “gained" when in fact all has been lost: one of the most glaring examples of the achievements of the Jamahiriya was the freedom of women.

There is a very long way to go before women are truly equal to men in Libya.