NAMIBIA: Gender-Based Violence Strongly Condemned

Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Southern Africa
PeaceWomen Consolidated Themes: 
Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

The Minister of Works and Transport, Erkki Nghi­mtina, has called on the youth to condemn acts of violence against women and children, and passion killings.

Addressing youth at the Swapo Party Youth League Ohangwena Regional Conference at Eenhana last Saturday, Nghimtina said it was disappointing that cases of passion killings, particularly among young people, were on the increase.

"The barbaric actions of murderers against our women have no place in our democratic society. Recent news relating to crime has not been pleasing at all. It is devastating and grossly shameful to hear young people killing each other in a barbaric and horrific manner. Where are we heading to in this matter?" he said.

He therefore called on youth leaders to seriously guard against such social evils.

"Your focus should be on positive and constructive activities that can add value to the welfare of our society. We should start to live together in peace to build a compassionate and caring society, where all Namibians will feel safe and protected," he stressed.

Recently, a Polytechnic of Namibia student was strangled with a tie allegedly by her ex-boyfriend in Windhoek in a suspected crime of passion that brought to the fore the high rate of passion killings in which Namibian women are mostly on the receiving end.

The death of the Poly­technic student came shortly after another student at the University of Namibia was stabbed to death by a fellow student, while another student at the Polytechnic was also stabbed with a knife by a security guard.

In wide-ranging remarks at the meeting, Nghimtina also spoke about HIV/AIDS, drug and alcohol abuse, patriotism and tribalism.

"Patriotism will build a nation. Not just government, but Namibian citizens everywhere - especially the youth - have to make a contribution through the changing of minds, to be able to see our country as the unifying force. The one thing that binds us is that common citizenship. And unless we can protect, promote, and defend it, we will not achieve what we want," the minister stressed.

Outgoing Ohangwena SPYL Regional Secretary, Martha Helena Nakale, Swapo Party Regional Coordinator, Nestor Shuukwanyama, SPYL member of the National Executive Committee, Charles Siyauya, and representatives from other districts attended the meeting.